Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Benefits of Weight Training


John Biernat

A member of the State Bar of Michigan, John Biernat has served as an associate attorney with Padilla Law Group in Birmingham, Michigan, since 2019. When he is not representing clients in personal injury cases, John Biernat enjoys weight training.

Weight training, recommended by the American Heart Association for maintaining overall cardiovascular health, can play a key role in physical health. Consistent strength training that uses free weights or body weight can increase bone density, resulting in stronger bones with a lower risk of fractures.

Weight training also increases muscle mass, reversing the natural decrease with age. Because muscles burn three times as many calories as fat, building muscle supports healthy weight maintenance.

Strong muscles help improve balance, which can reduce the risk of fall-related injuries, especially among older adults. Strong muscles also increase resistance to general aches and pains. Weight training even makes joints stronger and more flexible, reducing symptoms of painful conditions such as arthritis.


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