Wednesday, November 16, 2022

What Are Legal Motions?

John Biernat

John Biernat earned his JD from the University of Detroit Mercy in 2017. John Biernat serves as an associate attorney at Padilla Law Group in Birmingham, Michigan, where he wrote and facilitated motions.

A legal motion is a request or proposal directed at the court to avail a party of a desired ruling or order. Depending on the court's rules, a motion could be written or oral. However, most motions are usually required to be written. While parties to action might file several motions while a dispute is before the court, the motion can only be valid if it is filed after the initial complaint.

Motions are an essential part of litigation because they are one of the methods through which you can make requests from the court, as the court will never grant what you do not ask. There are different motions depending on the type of case and the request you intend to make. Motion for summary judgment is the most common type of motion because it asks the court to rule on a matter before parties go to trial.


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