Thursday, June 24, 2021

Detroit Mercy Law Employment Rates Exceed National Average

An attorney based in Michigan, John Biernat practices with Padilla Law Group, where he is responsible for auto negligence and personal injury cases. John Biernat passed the State of Michigan Bar soon after obtaining his JD from the University of Detroit’s Mercy School of Law, commonly called Detroit Mercy Law, whose graduate employment reports for 2020 exceeded national average employment rates.

According to the American Bar Association (ABA), the national average employment rate for 2020 graduates who received full-time, long-term positions at top law firms, competitive judicial clerkships, and business, public interest, or government organizations was 77 percent. The rate for graduates from Detroit Mercy Law who found full-time, long-term employment was 88 percent, while 91 percent secured legal positions overall. Institutions provided the ABA with their data as per a yearly reporting requirement; students who found relevant jobs 10 months after graduating were counted in the employment statistics.

These figures included graduates of the university’s Canadian & American Dual JD Program in partnership with the University of Windsor Faculty of Law. Detroit Mercy Law is the only ABA-Accredited cross-border dual program where graduates earn a JD for both the United States and Canada, and are eligible to receive licenses and practice in both countries, after completing country-specific licensure requirements.

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